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Our purposes

Its activities are grouped along the following lines:

- The promotion and acknowledgement of the roles of civil society and regulatory authorities across all national and European institutions

- The independent mobilization of citizens either through NGO initiatives in all sectors of public policy or through e-democracy initiatives which will involve all forms of e-participation in the development of government policies.

- The full-scale implementation of E-Government, which will involve the organizational and functional reform of the state.

- The promotion of Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) and the civic entrepreneurship.

PAREMVASSI's main public activities (1997-2005):

- Promotion of the institution of the Ombudsman in Greece – a crucial institution for Civil Society – through press releases/announcements, articles and public events.

- Publication of the magazine "Koinonia Politon" (Civil Society). First issue: January 1999. 11th issue: Winter 2005.

- Maintenance of the Union's web site: www.paremvassi.graccessed by 1200-1600 unique visitors per month or over 40.000 cumulatively since 1999.

- Maintenance of an online forum for the promotion of public debate and participation

- Dissemination of announcements/press releases and comments concerning the country's major problems and current issues which appear regularly in the press and the electronic media.

- Collection of financial aid for civilians in Iraq

- Public event: "Civil society and politicians towards the year 2000" 30-1-97.

- Public discussion on "The separation of the Church from the State". 25-2-98.

- Open public event in collaboration with the Greek state radio (ERA) "The constitution and the citizen". 23-7-98.

- Public discussion "Modernization strategy after joining the EMU". 3-10-01